sábado, julio 25, 2009

Sampler Fi

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(Cortesía de RevHQ)


1. The Year Ends In Arson In The Blink Of A Heart [From the release Vessels]
2. Blackened This Burden Off My Back [From the release This Means War]
3. The Wonder Years Don't Open The Fridge! [From the release Distances (Split w/All Or Nothing)]
4. Into It. Over It. Corrugated Windows [From the release 52 Weeks]
5. Monument To Thieves Anyone But You [From the release Anyone But You]
6. Underneath The Gun A Sharp Definition Of Dull [From the release Forfeit Misfortunes]
7. Pulling Teeth Bloodwolves [From the release Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions]
8. Lewd Acts Nightcrawlers [From the release Black Eye Blues]
9. Reign Supreme Slipping Away [From the release Testing The Limits Of Infinite]
10. Narrows Chambered [From the release New Distances]
11. Bishop Edge Of The World [From the release Drugs]
12. Alarmed Brainwarshed [From the release s/t]
13. My Turn To Win Hear Me Now [From the release Weight Of The World]
14. Anchor Finding Home [From the release The Quiet Dance]
15. Make Do And Mend Winter Wasteland [From the release Bodies Of Water]
16. Detournement Odessa [From the release Screaming Response]
17. Mouthpiece Column [From the release Can't Kill What's Inside]
18. Seven Generations Chimera [From the release To See The End]
19. Time For Change Twenty-One [From the release Memoirs]
20. Down To Nothing When My World Turns Cold [From the release DTN/50 Lions (Split)]

viernes, julio 24, 2009

Screaming Mechanical Brain - Varios discos

Vía Inside Out Webzine: Screaming Mechanical Brain han puesto aquí descargas gratuitas de sus trabajos 'In Defiance Of Science', 'There Is No God In Space', 'SMB's Museum Of Barnyard Oddities', 'The Process Of Assimilation' y 'Fun With Poop'.

domingo, julio 05, 2009

The Hope Conspiracy - DW Live Series 05: Live In London

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(Cortesía de Deathwish Inc.)

Este trabajo representa la quinta entrega de una serie de documentos sonoros que la disquera Deathwish Inc. ofrece de forma legal y gratuita a cualquier melómano que visite su web.